Why I’m an angry Kenyan

January 8, 2010

I’m not one for news nowadays, especially after I discovered Nairobi can treat you to a lovely walk in the dark in the evenings after all the folks have dashed home after a hard days work.

But this morning I wake up to the news that Kenyan Parliamentarians are planning to increase their salaries, despite earning a whopping 851K (about $11400 – Isn’t this illegal?) a month as at now.

A special tribunal (crap, don’t we have too many of these in Kenya already) was set up to look into the matter after the public went on a rage about a former attempt for MPs to increase their packs, not to mention avoiding getting these taxed at all cost.

The Akiwumi tribunal (an interesting name, don’t you agree?) was setup to see how these humongous salaries could either be trimmed, used to serve the public more, or get taxed. So, they also got fat pays and were commissioned to work.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you their findings, after many months of hard work. The Akiwumi fellows seem to feel MPs do not actually earn enough. Thus there’s need to increase their salaries by 5% every year. This is in addition to incrementing the sitting allowance from 5K to 15K (don’t I wish my employer could pay me for every day I report to work), Medical allowance from 80 to 130K, Vehicle Allowance (notice, not insurance) from 65 to 130K, Sleeping allowance unknown amount. Oh, did I mention that none of these monies are taxable?

Now now, makes me really wonder why this Akiwumi thing was put in place in the first place. I could have done a better job myself at a much less remuneration. But then again, this is Kenya. The excuse for the proposed increments are the rising cost of living. Seems like MPs are the only Kenyans.

Now, out of all the govt employees, is there anyone who gets such a raise on their meager wages annually? Are we still not having running battles between teachers/lecturers/nurses against the govt over pay? Do we not have poor Kenyans experiencing the high cost of living too? What on earth is wrong with our leaders? To make it worse, they are not taxed. In my first job, when I reached a certain level of promotion, my net salary suddenly reduced because the state felt I was earning enough already to give third of the spoils to it. These guys are paying not a dime to the state coffers. Damn.

Listen solemnly fellows (MPs), if you pass this proposal, you may be calling condemnation onto yourselves. It has happened before where the unscrupulous rich have been hacked to death by the oppressed paupers. I shall not be quoted, but be very careful. You may be calling rage upon yourselves.

On a totally different note, what is KWS doing? The rates of poaching have significantly risen and they sit and watch. You being part of the security forces, if you cannot protect 15K animals, how in the bloody hell do we expect you forces to protect the lives of 40 Million Kenyans? Please act up!

Sometimes it is so annoying being a Kenyan! Urrgh!



  1. wow…makes me an angry Kenyan too.

  2. hope someday these MPs will stop their selfish ambition and serve their pple.

  3. wow!!!so true all this be, am gladly angry now!

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