A Composition – the Kikuyu story

April 26, 2010

I stood up from bed that morning I drank breakfast very fast. I applied fat on my face and legs. I painted my shoes and I run like paper to school. I took the corner foolishly foolishly at an angle of 90
degrees as if I was carrying a protractor. I just reached when the bell was crying. The teacher saw me and told me that if I would have been late,he would have beaten me trees without mathematics.

Later, the teacher sent me to the butchery to buy him one kilogram of stomachs and one kilogram of much
clothes. He then forgave me with a paper. I also bought stones for the teacher’s radio.

The real translation in his Kikuyu mind was:

Muthenya ucio ngiukira kiroko na nginyua chai ihenya. Ngihaka maguta uthiu na maguru. Ngihura iratu rangi and ngithii ihenya ta karatathi. Ngioya kona urimu urimu ta ndakuite compass. Ngikinya oriria ngengere yariraga.
Mwarimu akinjira korwo nindacererwo, angiahura miti itari ithabu.

Mwarimu agicoka akinduma mbucheri gamugurire kiro ya mara, gakuo kaingi. Agicoka akinjohera na karatathi. Ngicoka ngigurira mwarimu mahiga ma radio.

May God deliver Kikuyus!



  1. Lmao nice piece.

  2. tahaha..

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