Tribute to Marion

August 10, 2010

Marion, when you were born 99 years ago, your parents must have been ecstatic at your beauty. When Musa came around in 1930 to ask for your hand in marriage, he must have been a man dangerously in love. When Matrix senior was born years later, I hope he was not as much a son of a gun as I was.

You were as beautiful as your grandeur, living life each day like it was your very last. Eating every little particle of it. Nothing was ever too serious, because nothing really ever is. You taught me many good things as soon as I could understand them. You made me realize that having been named after your husband, it called for me to live up to the name. The true warrior of his time and defender of the defenseless.

You insisted that your ‘co-wife’ be more glamorous than yourself. Now in your angelic glamor, I’m laboring to meet the expectations.

Till the time when the Lord felt you were a  rose so ready for the picking, full of color and splendid fragrance, you stood strong, 32 teeth in your delicate mouth, back just slightly bent and strength that left me wondering how lazy I could possibly be.

You gave me sublime lessons in life, that what only matters is for man to be happy, and that the only to achieve that is to be faithful. A lesson I cherish and struggle everyday to keep.

We may have said goodbye, but your spirit lives deep within our hearts.

This is my solemn tribute to you Marion; to you grandma.


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