About Matrixster

Yap, you may find this overly sci-fi but I got this name from the movie Matrix (which I now notice is playing on TCM. Damn, we growing old). I was in a point when I was trying to decide what to become in life, and while I really wanted to become what every high school ambitious candidate wants to become, after the Matrix I was fixed on what I was to be: a computer operator.

Having never really operated a computer seriously before that, I knew if I could do something like the Matrix, then I’d be well on my way to self actualization. Add to the fact that I loved wearing high collared black tops/coats and shades, you get a black Neo.

Thus, Matrix-star, I mean, ster.

I may not have managed to create a Kenyan Matrix, but ladies and gentlemen, we are well underway. At least for the computer operator bit.



  1. Nice!

  2. You’re so funny! Very nice!

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